Monday, 7 June 2010

Free Gaza Donation

Assalamualaikum and hi to all,

May all SMSA members are in good health and in full spirit throughout the exam period.

With respect to the flotilla’s raid in the international water,Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) would like to launch a donation to help the deprived Palestinians whom have been living without proper and sufficient necessities (eg. food) and been isolated from the outside world by all means of land and sea.This donation will be channelled to the Palestinians through Interpal (,a non-political,non-profit making British charity that works with internationalfunding partners and partners on the ground to provide relief and development aid to Palestinians in need,mainly in the West Bank,Gaza Strip and the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

Though the first humanitarian aid were claimed to have link to Hamas,the legal government of Palestine,and an ultimate foe to Israel,several international organizations including two Lebanese organization,were sending pledge to send boats to Gaza in a few days after the first raid.Even George Galloway,the founder of Viva Palestina announced that two simultaneous convoy; one by land via Egypt and the other by sea would set out in September to break the Gaza blockade.And it was also reported that the Free Palestine Movement is planning a similar attempt.

Hence, the very least that we can do is to show our concern and to donate to them by all means that we can afford of.It is our onus and it is within our capacity to help and support them,to make our stance firm that we are strongly OPPOSING the atrocities and the barbaric actions made by the Israeli towards people in Gaza.SMSA really hopes that all its members will give a continuous full support on this activity and will always be updated with the current situation of Gaza people.Donations can be made to:


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Reference: Free Gaza Donation

To all muslim members,

Never forget to recite Qunut Nazilah each time we offer prayers,and let’s consistently perform Hajat Prayer for the safety of people in Palestine as well as for its freedom.

Quoting from SMSA President,“Remember that prayers are our most deadly weapon against tyranny and cruelty, insyaAllah”.And indeed,it is true.

Best regards,

Noralina binti Mohd Adeni,

Welfare & Career Officer,

Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) 10/11

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