Monday, 31 May 2010


Assalamualaikum and hi,

May all members be in good health especially throughout the exam period.

In light of the recent attacks by the Zionist Israel Regime to the freedom flotilla convoy; a humanitarian mission aimed at sending valuable supplies including food, water, cement and other necessities to the deprived people of Gaza, Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) CONDEMN the attack and demand that swift actions should be taken by governments and bodies around the world. The convoy consisting of nearly 700 people including about 12 media and activists from Malaysia had been attacked using live ammunition and many were detained forcefully by the Israel regime. Around 20 people reported had died and many other casualties unknown due to the prevention of media coverage by Israel.It has been too long that the Zionist movementof Israel has breach international laws and gets away with it. How long are we able to tolerate the atrocities and violent conduct of a regime that labels others as terrorist while their very own acts portray who the real terrorists are?

To all members,

It is my plight to ask all of us to be aware of the on-goings of the criminal Zionist Israel regime. A majority of western media has spread lies propagated by Israel PR and media and it is up to us to spread the word of truth to what is really happening in Gaza. Use all mediums such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, and blogs to unfold the absurd claims of Israel. We should also send emails to respective MP’s, and people in power stating our stance on this matter. (For Sheffield city residents, send emails to Paul Blomfield athttp://paulblomfiel php?id=7 ) . There would also be a peaceful silent demonstration in front of the Town Hall in Sheffield City on Wednesday, 2nd of June at 5 pm. Everyone is urged to come and show your support.

For the Muslim members,

Let’s all recite Qunut Nazilah after each of our prayers. We should also consistently perform hajat prayer for the safety of the participants of Freedom Flotilla and for the freedom of Palestine. Remember that prayers are our most deadly weapon against tyranny and cruelty, insyaAllah.

“Freedom for Palestine”

Yours truly,

Ammar Ehsan bin Omar,

President, Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) 10/11

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